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The Money Clip Wallet

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A Money Clip is used by the men who are prone to losing their wallets or get their cash picked by the pickpockets. It has two metal clips to hold the cash and credit card and its grip is very tight which makes it difficult for the thieves to remove the money without using the lever to separate the two joints.

importance of money clips

It is used to put cash and credit cards in one place. It is a reliable accessory available in any accessory shop. It can save your money and credit cards because though lighter in weight you can easily get to know when someone is attempting to pick your pocket as it is not easy to take out from one. Besides there are some metal clips introduced which can not be detected by metal detectors and will not make you stop in a mall while shopping.

A Money Clip comes in different metals such as aluminum, silver, stainless steal; carbon, plastic, gold plated, etc. They are very handy when you are planning to go on a trip or tour. It saves your money from being stolen, and it almost works as a wallet. It is becoming a favorite accessory among men because of different designs.

Various alterations are being made by various companies for making it accessible. It has become a trend even to carry one each time you are out for official work or informal party. If a wife wants to gift a Money Clip, then she can do so as it is highly appreciated gift item too and with the sophisticated ones available in the market these days makes it worth being a gift.

It is also not too expensive.

Though if you buy the ones with the high rated metal then they can be out of your budget. A simple Money Clip does not cost much, and if you are gifting someone, then you can have the choice of stainless steel or gold-plated Money Clips on your hands. They can be in the shape of simple metal clips or a dollar sign or a smart design made on top. They all are appealing for men young and old alike. This is what makes the money clip wallet such a fantastic option. You can carry it in your back pocket or your front pocket and never really even notice it’s there. They make many different styles of money clip wallets to choose from including…

Fashion and style

To continue from above, there is so much potential hear that you’ll want to go out and get one. Money clip wallets come in many different shapes and sizes, different materials and colors. Need one that just holds a license, a credit card, and your money. Need one that holds a hand full of plastic and a wad of money they make them too. If you’re looking for something casual or classy you can choose from different qualities of leather, nylon, and metals such as sterling silver, gold, or just plain chrome metal the pickings all yours.

The leather money clip wallet

The leather money clip wallet is your basic money clip wallet, which consists of a metal clip and slots for your license and credit cards. The money clip on the wallet is usually designed to hold many bills, with a solid clamp to hold your currency very securely. The clips vary in size and bulkiness; some may be comfortable while some may protrude out of the wallet making it uncomfortable to place in your back pocket. But most are very versatile and can be easily placed in your from pocket with the same feel and size of your cell phone.

The magnet money clip wallet

If you’re looking for the slimmest, comfortable, and unnoticeable wallet on earth, this may be your best option. The magnetic money clip wallet is smaller than the money clip wallet mentioned earlier. This is because this wallet features a magnet that securely holds your bill, rather than a metal clip. There are no protruding options in this wallet design. It’s very sleek and probably the best-looking wallet of the bunch if you’re going for this look.

The credit card money clip wallet

The credit card money clip wallet is specifically designed for its name, the credit card. This wallet usually comes with 3 to 4 slots for your credit/debit cards or any other cards you may need. Keep in mind this design is simple meaning if you carry around ten different cards in your wallet now, this is probably not going to be your best option. The credit card wallet comes with either a metal clip or a magnetic clip for your currency and just a few slots for your most important pieces of plastic.

The bi-fold money clip wallet

This style wallet comes in many different fashionable shapes and styles. If you require much more space, then the wallets mentioned thus and still want a money clip with your wallet this is your choice. Just like the name says, bi-fold money clip wallet. This style money clip wallet comes in two distinct styles. One contains the money clip on the outside of the wallet while the another design has it inside the fold of the wallet. The most popular and if the security of your bill are a concern this style is for you. This bi-fold money clip wallet contains a clip in the center of the fold that that clamps down directly in the middle of your money. One side of the wallet is for your license and the other for your cards.

The other style is exactly like the money clip wallet mentioned earlier but has a flap that opens allowing more room for more of your valuable stuff. Some contain just a flap to hold only your license while some contain many more slots for your cards.

In closing what makes the money clip wallet better than your traditional wallet is that its design allows only for the slots that it has. You cannot stuff any more than that in it. Unlike the traditional bi or tri-fold wallet that allows you to stuff everything under the moon in it. So if you’re looking for a new look and fashionable style wallet, then you need to get a money clip wallet. They are the best wallets out there, and if you pay attention, you will start to notice people all around you changing to the money clip wallet.

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